The Golden Ticket 

To possess a golden ticket, as Charlie knows, is to hold in your hand an opportunity at something that can change your life. Rachel, HomeLife’s Managing Director, describes the moment she saw an advert to be a trainee mortgage adviser in 2000 as her golden ticket moment. She reflects on that fortuitous occurrence as an act of fate, a product of chance - if she hadn’t gone to Greggs for a tuna sandwich, would she have seen the advert in window of the career centre on Pontefract high street? As she looks back over a 23-year career in Financial Services, building incredible client relationships, finding friends in the industry and developing expert knowledge and skills that help people secure their dream homes and protect their lives, she feels the golden glow of that moment years on. But sometimes fortune has no part to play. Rachel Spiers, our new Mortgage and Protection Adviser, does not put her golden ticket down to chance. She made a conscious decision to change careers and was determined that training as an adviser would be her opportunity to “do better”. Whether the golden ticket moment was by choice or by chance, both Rachels agree it is an opportunity and a half! 

A day in the life of... 

Clients, clients, clients. The client should be the focus of an adviser’s day. If it is not meeting clients for first appointments or for mortgage and protection sign ups, an adviser will be researching products and ringing lenders and providers to find the most suitable recommendation for a existing client. At the heart of every task are the client’s needs and the drive to give them the very best experience. HomeLife’s advisers manage their own diary and determine the diet of their day. Some days may be spent with back-to-back appointments and others are used for working on cases and driving new business opportunities. The job is varied, engaging and full of problem solving. 
“I was pregnant when I sat my CeMAP exams. We stayed over in a hot hotel room in Newcastle, that didn’t help my pre-natal nausea - but becoming a Mortgage Broker is the best decision I ever made.”  
Rachel Spiers 
HomeLife Mortgage and Protection Broker (CeMAP) 

A career in Financial Service 

A path into Financial Services can come from different directions - banking, broker firms, mortgage networks - and once the door is open it is ambition and drive that builds experience year on year. The Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP) is recognised as one of the notable qualifications in Financial Services as it offers a strong direction and earning potential as an adviser. Where you then work as an adviser also helps to make the most of your qualification. A career as a broker in a firm, like HomeLife, can give whole of market product experience, provide expert training and allow the time and right environment to build reputable client relationships and forge a future as a strong adviser. 
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